After a while off this blog to focus on my thesis work (at some point the research goes better when it stays in one medium – much of the work I read was printed, and assembling books then transcribing my written notes to a blog simply didn’t make sense.

So what’s new? A new look! The old one was studenty, and now that I’ve graduated and I’m looking for full time positions in design, I thought a change would be good. Other stuff:

New Narrative

My thesis, New Narrative, is complete, and was extraordinarily well received. It dealt with the ways in which new media change the process of creating and telling stories, and how this affects individuals (who use narratives to define their lives and experiences), communities (where narratives act as shared history, and where digital narratives become a crowdsourced, public, history), and businesses (where new ays of storytelling will define the way in which episodic entertainment will be delivered and consumed). A brief portfolio sample can be seen here: New Narrative

Vice Controller

My new collaboration, Vice Controller, with artist/scientist Neo Chung didn’t get Kickstarted successfully, but we’re building it anyway! We’re simply funding it ourselves, and it might be a bit of a slow process, since we both have other important engagements. But expect updates soon!


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Another new print-based work: Preflight. This was a team effort in creating a narrative structure around a social ritual, in this case, the airport experience. We designed a set of 6 accordion-style foldout books with custom patterns on the verso side, each telling a story of the journey to a flight through the eyes of very different characters. Type, image and overall visual style are used to define the viewpoints of these characters, and a two part cover featuring photography of a carryon bag and its contents are used as introductions to the characters’ personalities.

Expect more frequent updates on my other design research soon.

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