Thesis W4 – Brand new hypothesis and paper outline

The following is an outline for my thesis paper, formed around a new hypothesis I’ve been working with.

1-Hypothesis presentation

My thesis will present the hypothesis that the current systems used to organize and create art for public spaces are fundamentally flawed, and that the process can be streamlined through the use of technological solutions that aid with the involvement of community members and municipalities for a more efficient and interesting experience.

Currently, public art takes the form of graffiti, which is unwarranted and often unwanted, or public installations, which are created by the collaboration of an artist and a municipality in a specific location. These approaches have the disadvantages of being removed from the community, unconcerned with city planning and unorganized as public events. I propose that by using virtual public forums and augmented reality (AR) software, artists can more easily submit ideas for spaces that can benefit from public art, connect with city officials to install work with permission and also involve local communities in ideation and creation.

2-The importance of public art and installations

From a community perspective
From an art history perspective

3-Discussion of former methods

The call for proposals, RFPs
The process of choosing artists by city planners
Projects that attempt to involve community members
The disadvantages of having a closed system of RFPs and interpersonal communication

4-Tackling the problem with design methodology (why this concrens us as designers)

5-The forms that my solution may take

For a solution to work for this issue, it must be comprehensive and tackle the many existing problems of the current systems, Thus these following avenues for solutions must be used in combination:

Introducing virtual public forums, and making them accessible to entire communities
Creating democratic proposal submission and review systems
Enabling ways to view proposals in their actual proposed spaces
Encouraging continued contact with city officials
Creating incentives to beautify public spaces, asking for community involvement not only for permissions, but also for ideation and creation
Organizing public events to promote the process as it progresses/once it is complete.

6-How I implemented these solutions

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