Motion Design 2 / Storyboard+Thoughts

Working with someone else’s work is as as hard as working with your own, I think. I’m lucky Ray’s assets provide a great starting point for this animation. I’m thinking of using the Tankhead character as a focus – having him come onto the screen and set off chain reactions of growing colored squares (which define the look of Goodswan on the cd covers and website through shape and palette.) Tankhead builds a cube of squares which then explodes to reveal the Goodswan logotype.

Since Tankhead currently only has two poses, I might have to redraw him and generate inbetweens for a fluid piece. Part of that may involve making the animation flicker and jerk, to make my job a little easier and add some character to…the character. I hoping that the visual tension between hand drawn, sketched Tankhead and the clean vector squares will resemble the aural tension between the rock guitars and the synthesized sounds in Goodswan’s music.

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