Thesis W2 – Research Topics

-SWN theory deals with connections between points. Thus network form analysis can be useful any time there are distinct parts to a whole. What other groups of points can be analyzed this way?

-Biology networks: Food chains, group communications, neural communication, biomass displacement,

-Social: Real networks, virtual networks and how interest groups and friends are linked, social/professional networks and their differences, how sites like linkedin differ from facebook in the types of links they draw between people.

-Virtual worlds: Analysis has been done on virtual game world sizes and the advantages/disadvantages they confer. What does the transportation network between points in the world say about enjoyability, perceived size and realism?

-Virtual information networks: Virtual information networks such as libraries, how a website like wikipedia links between articles, and the meaning of those relations in light of information accessibility and presentation. Qwiki, and how linear narratives of information presentation affect linkage.

-Real information networks: Mail was used by Milgram in his 6 degrees experiment, so physical communications systems play a part in SWNs. Is this dependent on real world transport networks? How do library systems work, in light of analysis on, for example, Wikipedia? Do library groups at Metropolitan centers act as clusters, and do inter library loans act as bridges linking clusters?

-Buchanan describes river flow and river drainage area as examples of SWNs formed naturally. Mandelbrot talks about similar forms of natural geological phenomena, rivers and mountains, through the lens of fractal geometry. Is this a starting point for finding a connection between the two?

-In what ways was non euclidean geometry a failure at describing SWNs? (Marc Buchanan only glosses over this failure)

-If I start a thesis blog separate from this one, which deals only with my research readings, i.e.: My thoughts, comments and analyses of my readings, and I then proceed to link every article I read using references to source material and groupings into blog categories and subcategories, will the linkages between individual data points form a SWN? This could be a practical application of SWN generation.

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