Thesis W2 – Hypothesis and Values, concisely

A more concise hypothesis:
My thesis will present the hypothesis that a more rational method of deconstructing a grid exists, which uses fractal theory to allow for randomness and naturalistic form in a composition without resorting to instinctual approaches to deconstruction.

The grid is an essential element when designing a composition, defining relationships such as scale, placement, and narrative between elements of type and image. I contend that by using both self similar and randomized fractal forms, as defined by Benoit Mandelbrot, a superior grid may be constructed which defines relationships between elements in forms more pleasing to the eye and more rigorous in definition.

This new grid may provide unforseen opportunities for layout in both two and three dimensions, and, when self-similarity is taken into consideration, may provide a new way to look at the grid as a well defined changing structure in time based media.

An alternate hypothesis:
My thesis will investigate the relationships between fractal geometry and Small Worlds network theory with the aim of discovering a method of postulating possible network graphs. I hypothesize that this possible relation will give us a better picture of how network graphs can be applied to diverse subjects, and may offer other insights into their workings.

Current analysis of SWNs focuses on interpreting real world data from applications like social networks, internet networks and biological networks to further understanding of how these networks are formed and why they are important. Currently, real or fictional data points are joined into a graph by randomly calculating where links should be, but my approach will present a method of constructing a priori models for this data based on Mandelbrot’s mathematical approach to fractal generation. This will be more rational, and give us more powerful tools for the analysis of such graphs.

Redefined values:
As a designer, I am concerned primarily with two things: the clarity of my communication through any medium I use, and the ability of this communication to offer new perspectives on a topic.

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