Thesis W1 – Hypothesis


My thesis will present the hypothesis that a more rational method of deconstructing the grid exists, which is based on the use of fractal theory to allow for randomness and naturalistic form in a composition without resorting to instinctual approaches to deconstruction.

The grid as it exists is often an essential element to the construction of a composition, defining relationships such as scale, placement, arrangement and narrative between the elements of type and image. This grid is used in a perfunctory manner, with its basic structure described by the necessities of the composition and the goals to be communicated; after basic placement it is rearranged to reflect practical needs. I contend that through the utilization of both self similar and randomized fractal forms, as they were defined by Benoit Mandelbrot, a superior grid may be constructed which defines relationships between the elements of a composition in a way more pleasing to the eye and more rigorous in definition.

This new grid may provide unforseen opportunities for layout in both two and three dimensions, and, when self-similarity is taken into consideration, may provide a new way to look at the grid as a well defined changing structure in time based media.

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