Thesis W1 – Design Values

My values as a designer are based on the fact that the profession I have trained for is indeed largely a service industry. As such, when the work I am performing is related to graphic design primarily, I am concerned with clarity of form, precision of communication, uniqueness of concept and client satisfaction. When I perform design work that falls outside the strict model of client/business relations, my concerns tend towards those I had as a fine artist; I aim to create design that inspires the audience to think critically or differently about a topic, questions or sheds light on social or political mores, and creates new opportunities for interfacing with the world around us.


As a designer trapped between seemingly conflicting definitions of design, I find that in order to produce and critically analyze my work, I need to find a middle ground between the view of design as a communications service industry and the view of design as a problem solving methodology.

Unfortunately, while the definition of the former is quite clear, that of the latter is mired with questions such as “what methods?” and “what means?”. Proponents of the latter definition seem to consider professionals in many fields ‘designers’ by virtue of their desire and ability to tackle larger social, technological and political problems by way of creating “designed solutions” which are part graphic design, part science.

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