Juhood (Woohoo Updates!)


This is an academic journal on Middle Eastern and North African affairs, for which i designed the cover and layout. “Juhood … is an arabic word that means, “make every conceivable effort; do one’s utmost.” (From The Letter from the Editor) My inspiration for the cover (shown above, front and back) was to use a physical metaphor for this struggle which would also represent the culture of the land.

As this was an academic journal, I designed the layout associating notes and citations closely with the text to encourage close reading. I chose the typefaces Goudy Old Style and Rotis Semi Serif, the first for its calligraphic qualities (in keeping with the MIddle Eastern motifs) and the latter for its contrasting qualities.

2010, Perfect Binding, Digital Print

All written and photographic content is property of the respective authors.

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