Ass Kicking Modular

Oh laser cutter, will you marry me? Last week’s prototypes were nice, but these were made with 1/16″ construction board and a laser cutter, which is how I have more than 150 to play with. I also saw some plastic samples, and they’ll be even better when I get to it, since they’ll be in translucent colors!

The triangular prisms fit into the octahedron faces perfectly, splitting triangular faces into three trapezoids! (The best part here is that they don’t even join at the notches, they just fit right in because the diameters are exactly the same.

Also, my worries about notch depth at the vertices were unnecessary; when I use a vertex, its usually to make some sort of bridge thing, and it can be an arbitrary length just like before. Which means that as long as each triangle is the same, any combination of depths works. Nuts.

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  1. nofrak

     /  March 5, 2010

    Great. Now I feel like my childhood was incomplete.


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