Well, all done.

The semester does indeed go by very fast. The last few weeks have been hectic, trying to finish multiple projects with similar designs. I do wish some of the classes had a less end-heavy structure and more distributed workloads (over time). Anyway.

It seems that you can look at this class in two ways. One as just an introduction to some of the techniques you need to understand to be able to start working in digital with further classes like motion and interactive, or an end in an of itself. I think I chose the latter, since I’m fairly bored with making ‘test’ pieces by this point. I want a finished product that not only demonstrates that I learned something technically or conceptually, but also manages to be clean cut, be well prepared and display a solid concept and its execution.

In short, I don’t want to make introductory pieces anymore–it feels like it’s too late for that. With only a few more semesters to go, I want to start producing portfolio quality work that impresses me. I think I managed to do something good with my stop motion, and succeeded on some fronts with the Greenmarket project. This last one however has been a royal pain, and I’ve learned that shape tweening in Flash is no laughing matter. This little piece took me well over 10 hours (just the flash part,…making outlines in illustrator is its own little mire), most of it trying to correct errors, some of which never got ironed out. For all my ranting about finished products, I’m not particularly proud of this one. It does have a lot of errors. But I’ll take that – one out of three ain’t bad, and I learned a lot that should help me make whatever I do in flash next time a lot more solid.

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