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I was recently reading about speaker engineering and came across the plasma speaker:

And more interestingly, the Zeusaphone, or the singing tesla coil:

While not strictly in the realm of cmmunications design, and more entangled in engineering, this alternative sound production method spoke to me on a visual level nonetheless. The physical manifestation of the sound being produced is not just a visualization of the aural information, but rather both an origin and a consequence of the sound. While I understand that technically complicated projects like this one require a lot of things we will never learn in a program like this, larger scale projects like these fascinate me endlessly, and I’d like to think that at Pratt, even though were busy working on a lot of technicalities of print and digital, we’re also learning to conceptualize larger things like this. I want to be able to work with other creators in different fields and innovate, not just sit on my butt and be content with image production (though admittedly, that’s a lot of fun too).

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  1. Steph

     /  May 24, 2010

    So, when I first saw “singing tesla coil,” I thought it was going to be like this talking piano:

    That’s really cool. Even cooler with the video game music 😉


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