Progress thus far

Has actually been quite slow : (
Bad weather conditions and other unfavorable circumstances keep delaying when I can get my interview, but hopefully things should be up and running soon.

Images follow:

I scoped out a couple of markets in Manhattan and picked the one on 10st/2nd ave, at St. Mark’s church, primarily for the visual aesthetic. The pavement has cobblestones and the church and surrounding greenery make for great images. The only problem is it’s only open on Tuesdays. I managed to get photos, even though it was raining, but I couldnt get an interview since the farmers themselves weren’t there at the time. They told me to come back, which I will do in the hopes of nabbing one of them and quizzing them on their agricultural practices.

On a brighter note, I think I’m done with my research, as far as agricultural safety goes. Conclusion? People disagree on nutritional differences between organic and regular produce, but it seems that even those who claim that there are higher concentrations of certain compounds such as polyphenolics agree that these compounds aren’t necessarily good for you. Furthermore, natural toxin levels are somewhat higher in organic produce. As far as pesticide residues go, conventionally produced crops have higher concentrations (the ratio is about 3 in conventional crops to 1 in organic crops). But, fun fact, these residual compounds have been fed to animals in tests on a day to day basis throughout the courses of their lives at 1000 times the concentration found in our foods without adverse effects. I’ll agree with my friend Oliver here – we’re still alive, nothing’s going to happen because of this stuff, and everything causes cancer anyway.

The food report (Their references can be found on google scholar)

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