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Thomas Doyle freezes overwhelmingly dramatic narratives in mid sentence and condenses them into tiny dioramas, creating a tangible contrast between subject, presentation and subtext for the viewer to navigate through. Though they range from morbidly fascinating to heartrendingly touching, these enclosed situations are also easily overlooked, by virtue of their miniature scale.

Images from, and extended portfolio at:

Liz Hickok takes her miniaturization in a different direction with scenarios in jello.


While similar in their purposeful distortion of size, these landscapes show a much greater reduction of scale, while also piquing interest with their unconventional medium, jello, which is edible and ephemeral. These brightly colored and dramatically lit installations show an interesting parallel to actual cities in their glitz and fleeting presence. Of particular interest is the model of San Francisco, set in motion to mimic an earthquake.

Images from, and extended portfolio at:

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